Adrenal Fatigue affects the Healing Process

In any form of disease and injury, the most important aspect is the patient’s recovery. There is no good in management of diseases when healing amd recovery is not obtain. The speed of recovery of a patient would relies on his or her health status. The recovery is faster amongst healthy individuals. On the other hand , impairment of healing or recovery can be seen in patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Adrenal fatigue.

The slow recovery to injury in patients with Adrenal fatigue can be explained by the abrupt behavior of the adrenal glands. Hypotension caused by the low levels of Cortisol can be one of the factors that slows down recovery. When we have low blood pressure, the body will be force to shut down other organs inorder to supply appropriate blood to the other more important organs in the body. The rebound hyperglycemia leads to an impairment in wound healing similar to what can be seen in diabetics. The Cortisol imbalance would also cause a decreasee in bone density making bone fractures difficult to heal. Cortisol levels can be tested through a laboratory procedure known as Salivary Cortisol determination.

Infalmmation also makes the body less responsive to treatment and medication. The decrease in steroids that inhibits IL2 and Prostaglandins also the decreases the body’s antiinflammatory defense. Prostaglandin is the substance responsible for pain, released during injury. Interleukin 2 is one of the substances that causes fever during injury.

Fat digestion is also impaired in Adrenal Fatigue. Accumulation of fat tend to affect the Cardiopulmonary function of the body which is important in recovery since blood and oxygenation reperfusion is the process that will eliminate toxins and antigens in the body. The high levels of Cholesterol due to the decrease in Cortisol will also increase the risk of the patient to stroke and cardiovascular complications.

Another thing about Adrenal Burnout that will probably slows down recovery is Sleep deprivation. People with Adrenal fatigue often manifest sleeping disorders. Sleeping is the body’s rejuvinating period without good sleep, proper nourishment cannot be obtained. This also leads to depression and psychological and emotional imbalances making it hard for the patient to recover.

A malfunction in the Adrenal glands causes a dampened thyroid function as well. Patients with Adrenal disorders also shows sign of thyroid insufficiency such as the increase in basal metabolic rate, muscle wasting and tachycardia and palpitations. In a patient recovering from a disease, these co-morbidities would make the recovery process longer than expected.

In Adrenal fatigue, the hormonal imbalance causes immunosuppresion which means that there will be less antibodies to fight against infection making the body susceptible to infection and makong recovery peroid longer. The decrease response of blood vessels to cathecolamines is also a factor why recovery is longer in cases of Adrenal fatigue. Blood pressure becomes low and cause a decrease in blood circulation. When there is minimal blood flow, there is minimal tissue perfusion around the circulation. Less perfusion means less nourishment of the tissues which is important in healing and recovery. This can also be connected to the brochodialatory effects of cathecolamines. Less Cathecolamine response means less oxygenation, and less oxygen perfusion means less nourishment. Less nourishment means no rejuvination of injured cells.

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