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Review of Canxida – Canxida Remove Results

Monday, May 5th, 2014

If you have not read my short review of canxida on amazon which I wrote recently then here is somewhat of a long version and rant you can say.

I discovered I had candidiasis a long time ago, and even my personal naturopath also confirmed my doubts.

I had been taking a variety of mixtures in terms of natural supplement, also certain point I got myself more than 15 different health supplements to take. I started creating my very own home concoction(mixture) which actually was in fact to some degree similar to canxida, however I really didn’t know very well what I was doing.

I would simply take 2 tablets of pau d’arco, 3 of neem, 2 of oregano, and to tell the truth it did work to some extent, nevertheless I wasn’t positive that it was even risk-free to carry on doing that. Because I read on WebMD that it is not good idea to make your own mixtures without a doctor’s supervision.

My naturopath is the person that suggested I should consider taking canxida, and then she in addition advised probacto.

Those are the only dietary supplements I take currently, and I also feel a whole lot better.

The only dilemma occurs is when I discontinue taking my supplements and diet and go back to my really bad habits (peanut butter and bread is actually among my favorite meals, in addition to wine), I usually tend to suffer from a yeast infection again, however, if I maintain the nutritional supplements it’s far less mild.

One bottle of canxida lasts about two months, based on on exactly how frequently you take it, whenever I’m experiencing terrible yeast symptoms or dieoff I take more.

I should try to stick with living healthy, and I am positive that I will once again be healthy. You can order their supplement on