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CFort10 Reviewed by our blog

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The most disturbing time in my life was when I was in my prime, despite being in generally good health I was suffering from the symptoms related to a candida yeast infection. Of course at that time my medical condition was not diagnosed and thus, I could not take the proper medication for it. But it ached me not only physically but emotionally as well to feel drained and depressed for no reason when others around me were so optimistic about their current lives and their future. There was nothing wrong with me, I shouldn’t really have felt depressed.

I was financially sound, in a steady relationship and on the right career route. But my productivity in my professional and personal life seemed to go down when chronic thrush in my mouth started appearing for no reason. I did not smoke yet nothing seemed to work permanently to keep the thrush from reappearing. I was scraping the thrush off until I bled. It was agonizing. Though it might seem a trivial symptom but having it over and over again without any diagnosis simply left me frustrated, the signs of which started showing in my relationship and health.

This left me more stressed to the max. Around this time, one of my friends suggested reading about Candida yeast infection, a condition she had become aware of through her mother who was a supporter of herbalism as alternative medicine. The more I read about the symptoms the more similarities I started to find. This was the first clue to what was wrong with my body. Soon I learned the reason behind my chronic fatigue and thrush. I was simply hooked on to junk food. There was not a meal that I could eat without drinking coke. I probably drank 2 liters of coke a day.

This was when I decided to take action. I discussed my options of treatment with my doctor and decided to use the CFort10 to detoxify my body and get rid of the extra candida that was appearing as a thrush in my oral cavity. Though I must admit that along with medication I agreeably cut down on my intake of refined sugar, canned food, dairy products and other related food options, it definitely played a huge part in getting rid of my candida. I now am thankful to my symptom free life that I love and enjoy.

CFort10 Capsules have been found to be more effective than other products as it does not contain;

1. Wheat
2. Gluten
3. Corn
4. Yeast
5. Soy
6. Egg
7. Dairy products
8. Artificial colors
9. Sweeteners
10. Flavors
11. Lactose
12. Palmitic acid
13. Magnesium
14. Calcium
15. Vegetable stearates etc.

This unique formula not only helps in detoxifying the body but also in restoring the natural balance between the good and the bad bacteria in the bodies of the patients.