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My Candia5 Review Only Candida Blood Testing Tool

Monday, October 28th, 2013

Blood Testing For Candida With Candia5 Test Kit – What You Need To Know

I remember first reading about candida and all the dangers it caused, I thought that if I cured myself from candida I would be a different person, because they say everybody has it. It can be the cause of a multitude of symptoms. Why have doctors ignored candida for so long if it’s the cause of everyone’s problems. Well I think there are a couple reasons for that and it will surprise you.

The first reason that I think candida is constantly ignored is because it’s not profitable. If you aren’t treating the symptoms and instead telling people to live healthy, doctors will not make money, pharmaceutical companies will not make money. This would be truly devastating for the medical industry if people stopped getting sick, but honestly I think it’s not the only reason.

The second reason is I believe it’s hard to diagnose. Doctors never really cared for it so much, and it wouldn’t kill you (at least right away), it wasn’t really worth diagnosing for candida. You had to look at symptoms, or have them go to a lab. Tests like the spit test are absolutely worthless.

The third reason that I believe candida isn’t diagnosed as much is that the treatment methods differ so much. Some people diet will work, and others need to take a prescription medication.

My final reason for why candida isn’t diagnosed is a bit silly, but true. There is a lot of hype about candida, and some people will claim that every disease known by mankind is caused by candida. Although many people do, not everybody in this world has candida like I thought I did. To get around many of the difficulties of testing, I was shocked when I went to a naturopath and we didn’t have to get a lab test but instead used a Candia5 testing kid. It uses the blood and gets you results in 5 minutes. Why that kind of stuff is not more popular for testing for candida I have no clue, but it was able to properly diagnose me after my suspicions and I wanted to be sure I was actually on the right track.