Review of Canxida – Canxida Remove Results

Written on May 5, 2014 at 12:10 AM, by Jones

If you have not read my short review of canxida on amazon which I wrote recently then here is somewhat of a long version and rant you can say.

I discovered I had candidiasis a long time ago, and even my personal naturopath also confirmed my doubts.

I had been taking a variety of mixtures in terms of natural supplement, also certain point I got myself more than 15 different health supplements to take. I started creating my very own home concoction(mixture) which actually was in fact to some degree similar to canxida, however I really didn’t know very well what I was doing.

I would simply take 2 tablets of pau d’arco, 3 of neem, 2 of oregano, and to tell the truth it did work to some extent, nevertheless I wasn’t positive that it was even risk-free to carry on doing that. Because I read on WebMD that it is not good idea to make your own mixtures without a doctor’s supervision.

My naturopath is the person that suggested I should consider taking canxida, and then she in addition advised probacto.

Those are the only dietary supplements I take currently, and I also feel a whole lot better.

The only dilemma occurs is when I discontinue taking my supplements and diet and go back to my really bad habits (peanut butter and bread is actually among my favorite meals, in addition to wine), I usually tend to suffer from a yeast infection again, however, if I maintain the nutritional supplements it’s far less mild.

One bottle of canxida lasts about two months, based on on exactly how frequently you take it, whenever I’m experiencing terrible yeast symptoms or dieoff I take more.

I should try to stick with living healthy, and I am positive that I will once again be healthy. You can order their supplement on

CFort10 Reviewed by our blog

Written on March 18, 2014 at 11:55 AM, by Jones

The most disturbing time in my life was when I was in my prime, despite being in generally good health I was suffering from the symptoms related to a candida yeast infection. Of course at that time my medical condition was not diagnosed and thus, I could not take the proper medication for it. But it ached me not only physically but emotionally as well to feel drained and depressed for no reason when others around me were so optimistic about their current lives and their future. There was nothing wrong with me, I shouldn’t really have felt depressed.

I was financially sound, in a steady relationship and on the right career route. But my productivity in my professional and personal life seemed to go down when chronic thrush in my mouth started appearing for no reason. I did not smoke yet nothing seemed to work permanently to keep the thrush from reappearing. I was scraping the thrush off until I bled. It was agonizing. Though it might seem a trivial symptom but having it over and over again without any diagnosis simply left me frustrated, the signs of which started showing in my relationship and health.

This left me more stressed to the max. Around this time, one of my friends suggested reading about Candida yeast infection, a condition she had become aware of through her mother who was a supporter of herbalism as alternative medicine. The more I read about the symptoms the more similarities I started to find. This was the first clue to what was wrong with my body. Soon I learned the reason behind my chronic fatigue and thrush. I was simply hooked on to junk food. There was not a meal that I could eat without drinking coke. I probably drank 2 liters of coke a day.

This was when I decided to take action. I discussed my options of treatment with my doctor and decided to use the CFort10 to detoxify my body and get rid of the extra candida that was appearing as a thrush in my oral cavity. Though I must admit that along with medication I agreeably cut down on my intake of refined sugar, canned food, dairy products and other related food options, it definitely played a huge part in getting rid of my candida. I now am thankful to my symptom free life that I love and enjoy.

CFort10 Capsules have been found to be more effective than other products as it does not contain;

1. Wheat
2. Gluten
3. Corn
4. Yeast
5. Soy
6. Egg
7. Dairy products
8. Artificial colors
9. Sweeteners
10. Flavors
11. Lactose
12. Palmitic acid
13. Magnesium
14. Calcium
15. Vegetable stearates etc.

This unique formula not only helps in detoxifying the body but also in restoring the natural balance between the good and the bad bacteria in the bodies of the patients.

My Candia5 Review Only Candida Blood Testing Tool

Written on October 28, 2013 at 2:03 PM, by Jones

Blood Testing For Candida With Candia5 Test Kit – What You Need To Know

I remember first reading about candida and all the dangers it caused, I thought that if I cured myself from candida I would be a different person, because they say everybody has it. It can be the cause of a multitude of symptoms. Why have doctors ignored candida for so long if it’s the cause of everyone’s problems. Well I think there are a couple reasons for that and it will surprise you.

The first reason that I think candida is constantly ignored is because it’s not profitable. If you aren’t treating the symptoms and instead telling people to live healthy, doctors will not make money, pharmaceutical companies will not make money. This would be truly devastating for the medical industry if people stopped getting sick, but honestly I think it’s not the only reason.

The second reason is I believe it’s hard to diagnose. Doctors never really cared for it so much, and it wouldn’t kill you (at least right away), it wasn’t really worth diagnosing for candida. You had to look at symptoms, or have them go to a lab. Tests like the spit test are absolutely worthless.

The third reason that I believe candida isn’t diagnosed as much is that the treatment methods differ so much. Some people diet will work, and others need to take a prescription medication.

My final reason for why candida isn’t diagnosed is a bit silly, but true. There is a lot of hype about candida, and some people will claim that every disease known by mankind is caused by candida. Although many people do, not everybody in this world has candida like I thought I did. To get around many of the difficulties of testing, I was shocked when I went to a naturopath and we didn’t have to get a lab test but instead used a Candia5 testing kid. It uses the blood and gets you results in 5 minutes. Why that kind of stuff is not more popular for testing for candida I have no clue, but it was able to properly diagnose me after my suspicions and I wanted to be sure I was actually on the right track.

The Probacto Probiotic Truth-My Life was Awful Before My Diagnosis

Written on August 15, 2013 at 3:32 AM, by Jones

My name is Diana and I’m 34 years old. I have spent the past 5 ½ years of my life battling Candida, but I didn’t know it until 12 months ago. Like many other women my age, I found myself suffering from a wide variety of different medical symptoms. As a result, I was grasping for a lot of different treatments, all of them targeting individual symptoms without attacking the real cause of my problem.

So what was wrong with me? For starters, I’m the only adult I know who has ear infections every few months. I sort of thought we grew out of those after childhood, but I was wrong. I also had chronic vaginal itching. I always felt like I was “right on the edge” of developing a vaginal yeast infection. It was irritating and in some cases a little bit painful. My skin was always itchy and red and I tried everything to keep it soft and moisturized. The itching just wouldn’t stop. I also felt fatigued, bloated, and had a host of gastrointestinal issues. Life was not fun for me – at all.

Finding the Right Diagnosis

Getting an accurate diagnosis was difficult, to say the least. I started with my family physician, who gave up after a few short months. He sent me to an ear, nose, throat specialist (ENT) to try to figure out why I was getting chronic year infections. Meanwhile, I was on round after round of antibiotics every time I had one, as that really is the most normal treatment even according to MedlinePlus.

When I went back to my doctor about my skin irritations, he sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist told me that I had eczema and prescribed some creams. Those seemed to work for a little while, but the general itching never went away and the irritated areas always came back.

The gastrointestinal issues were another problem. My doctor gave up on those as well and referred me to a gastroenterologist. He thought I had IBS and perhaps a gluten intolerance. He prescribed me a couple of medications to “calm” my intestines and told me to try a gluten free diet. I mean gluten free is shown to help a little bit according to Robb Wolf, but it wasn’t really the answer.

Nothing seemed to help.

At this point, I had thousands of dollars in medical debt and felt worse than ever. I had health insurance, but I was spending a lot of time in different offices and didn’t have the cash for co-pays and medications, so I was using a credit card. I had 5 medications I was taking daily, in addition to the antibiotics I was taking every time I had a new year infection. Life started to seem pretty bleak.

One day, I was sitting in my GI doctor’s office when another woman walked in. She seemed bright and friendly and we struck up a conversation. She told me that she was primarily there to have some tests run, but that she had originally been misdiagnosed with IBS but found out she had Candida that had led to leaky gut syndrome. She asked how long I’d been seeing the GI and if I’d had any relief – which I had not.

I was intrigued and of course went right home to look up leaky gut syndrome and Candida. I found a several different websites, and learned so much about the condition Candida which is commonly misdiagnosed. I was astonished to see that almost all of my symptoms somehow seemed related to a systemic Candida infection. Go figure. I somehow luckily stumbled upon Probacto’s website which was like an encyclopedia of information.

Using Probacto as a cure.

I was still a bit hesitant about starting the Probacto’s diet plan. For all of the seemingly intelligent information I was reading, there seemed to be plenty of people who thought that the Candida hoax was just that – a hoax. From what I’d read, though, it’s so healthy and primarily focuses on diet and nutrition and I figured it really couldn’t hurt me to give it a try.

I’m so glad I did, too. My GI problems made eating less than pleasant, so it really wasn’t hard for me to transition to the type of clean eating plan the doctor asked for in his book. I had a few cravings for sweets now and then but they were easy to get over – especially after cheating a couple of times and realizing how bad that stuff actually made me feel.

I spent 4 ½ years of my life suffering and searching for a cure. I’ve spent the past 12 months following the diet regime, reducing my stress levels, and boosting my immune system. A few years ago, had anyone told me it was possible to feel this good, I wouldn’t have believed them. Now, I’m nearly symptom free and I plan to stay that way!

Adrenal Fatigue affects the Healing Process

Written on May 30, 2013 at 7:29 AM, by Jones

In any form of disease and injury, the most important aspect is the patient’s recovery. There is no good in management of diseases when healing amd recovery is not obtain. The speed of recovery of a patient would relies on his or her health status. The recovery is faster amongst healthy individuals. On the other hand , impairment of healing or recovery can be seen in patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension and Adrenal fatigue.

The slow recovery to injury in patients with Adrenal fatigue can be explained by the abrupt behavior of the adrenal glands. Hypotension caused by the low levels of Cortisol can be one of the factors that slows down recovery. When we have low blood pressure, the body will be force to shut down other organs inorder to supply appropriate blood to the other more important organs in the body. The rebound hyperglycemia leads to an impairment in wound healing similar to what can be seen in diabetics. The Cortisol imbalance would also cause a decreasee in bone density making bone fractures difficult to heal. Cortisol levels can be tested through a laboratory procedure known as Salivary Cortisol determination.

Infalmmation also makes the body less responsive to treatment and medication. The decrease in steroids that inhibits IL2 and Prostaglandins also the decreases the body’s antiinflammatory defense. Prostaglandin is the substance responsible for pain, released during injury. Interleukin 2 is one of the substances that causes fever during injury.

Fat digestion is also impaired in Adrenal Fatigue. Accumulation of fat tend to affect the Cardiopulmonary function of the body which is important in recovery since blood and oxygenation reperfusion is the process that will eliminate toxins and antigens in the body. The high levels of Cholesterol due to the decrease in Cortisol will also increase the risk of the patient to stroke and cardiovascular complications.

Another thing about Adrenal Burnout that will probably slows down recovery is Sleep deprivation. People with Adrenal fatigue often manifest sleeping disorders. Sleeping is the body’s rejuvinating period without good sleep, proper nourishment cannot be obtained. This also leads to depression and psychological and emotional imbalances making it hard for the patient to recover.

A malfunction in the Adrenal glands causes a dampened thyroid function as well. Patients with Adrenal disorders also shows sign of thyroid insufficiency such as the increase in basal metabolic rate, muscle wasting and tachycardia and palpitations. In a patient recovering from a disease, these co-morbidities would make the recovery process longer than expected.

In Adrenal fatigue, the hormonal imbalance causes immunosuppresion which means that there will be less antibodies to fight against infection making the body susceptible to infection and makong recovery peroid longer. The decrease response of blood vessels to cathecolamines is also a factor why recovery is longer in cases of Adrenal fatigue. Blood pressure becomes low and cause a decrease in blood circulation. When there is minimal blood flow, there is minimal tissue perfusion around the circulation. Less perfusion means less nourishment of the tissues which is important in healing and recovery. This can also be connected to the brochodialatory effects of cathecolamines. Less Cathecolamine response means less oxygenation, and less oxygen perfusion means less nourishment. Less nourishment means no rejuvination of injured cells.

Starting a Gluten-free Food Regimen for Celiac Disease

Written on May 27, 2013 at 7:27 AM, by Jones

Celiac disease is a condition in which an immune reaction is produced after eating foods containing gluten, which is usually found in wheat, barley or rye. It is also identified as gluten intolerance. When eating gluten-rich foods, the small intestine becomes inflamed, damaging its lining and preventing the absorption of other nutrients. Because of this condition, a gluten-free diet is strictly necessary.

It may be difficult to start a gluten-free diet, but with proper understanding of what foods contain gluten, it would be easy to adjust to a gluten-free lifestyle. Here are some guidelines that can help you cope with having a gluten-free diet.

First, you must read up on which foods are rich in gluten, which you must definitely avoid. This, of course, includes wheat, barley, rye, and other food that has such ingredients, such as cereals, wheat bread, malt extract and oatmeal. A more comprehensive list of foods you cannot eat can be found in medical websites or books.

If you already know what food you should not eat, it is also necessary to know which food you must eat. Many fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and dairy are naturally gluten-free, so it is safe to eat those kinds of food. However, if it is already processed to make other food products, you need to be cautious to check the ingredients of such product.

If you are asking if you can still eat baked products because most of the baking materials are made from flour, the answer is yes, you can still eat baked products if, and only if, it is gluten-free. There are baking ingredients that are gluten-free, such as corn flour, potato flour and potato starch. Just make sure that you check the ingredients before you eat a baked product.

If you cannot find the list of ingredients, then it is best not to eat such food product. Remember that even a small amount can cause an immune response against your small intestine.

Another thing you must remember is that when a product says that it is wheat-free, it does not mean that it is gluten-free. It may still contain barley or rye, which also contains gluten.

Lastly, food contamination is another important thing to remember. When food is prepared using the same utensils as in food containing gluten, it is more likely that the food can also be contaminated with gluten. Using the same oil in cooking the food can also be another source of contamination. In addition, wheat flour can stay in the air for several hours, and preparing food in the same environment can cause gluten contamination. In this case, if you are not sure how the food is prepared, then it is advised that you do not eat such food. As much as possible, you eat food that you yourself or your family prepared.

Having a gluten-free lifestyle is really challenging because you need to be knowledgeable of the food you must and must not eat, which takes some effort from you. If still doubtful, you can consult for the help of a doctor or a dietician to plan your daily meals.

Why are diet pills bad for you?

Written on May 26, 2013 at 7:17 AM, by Jones

Are you getting tired of exercise routines and diet plans that take you forever to get that hour-glass figure you have been dreaming of? Ever tempted to try diet pills to have a slimmer body in an instant? Well, you must think twice, or even thrice, before you consider diet pills. It may be true that diet pills can give you immediate results, but not all diet pills are effective, and more importantly, not all diet pills are considered safe.

Diet pills are generally classified into three varieties- laxatives, stimulants, and appetite suppressants, and each classification may cause a significant health risk that may be life-threatening in some cases.

Laxatives act by flushing down excessive fats in the body. It usually contains natural ingredients, such as psyllium, cascara and senna. Out of the three kinds of diet pills, this may be the most inconvenient because you have to spend more time in the comfort room. Because you tend to bowel more frequently, it may cause severe dehydration if you do not drink enough fluids while you take the medication. It is also reported that laxative diet pills may decrease the effect of drugs taken concomitantly or within 2 hours the laxative pill is used, such as in the case of some anti-hypertensive drugs. Lastly, laxative pills may cause dependence when used for a long time.

Stimulants, on the other hand, act by stimulating the central nervous system, which increases the rate of metabolizing or burning fats and calories. However, stimulating the central nervous system also causes a significant increase in heart rate. This poses a serious danger to people with high blood pressure because this may further lead to severe heart problems, such as irregular heartbeat and heart attacks. It may also cause seizures in some cases. Common examples include pills containing high levels of caffeine, or ephedrine.

Lastly, appetite suppressants cause the feeling of satiety, making you eat less frequently. The main problems associated with appetite suppressants, however, are gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, bloating and diarrhea.

Diet pills, are also reported to cause hair loss. It can be easily differentiated from natural baldness because the thinning of hair usually occurs in a diffused pattern. Normal hair growth resumes when you stop drinking diet pills.

Aside from these side effects, another reason why you should not take diet pills is that these only provide temporary solution to obesity. It may work at first, but in the long run, you will see that the effects were not similar as when you first took the pill. This may be because of tolerance to the drug, which means that you need a higher dose of the drug to get the same effect. In addition, once you stop taking the pills, your former figure may return, thus requiring you to take the diet pills continuously.

Diet pills may be used if it is prescribed by a doctor, but it does not guarantee that you will not experience any side effects. If you really want to use diet pills, make sure that you research all the facts regarding that particular pill, and make sure you ask your doctor about it. But it is still best to resort to healthier options in losing weight- eat proper and balanced diet, and exercise regularly. You may also follow weight loss programs that can be found in books or on the internet. It may take you a while to get your dream body, but at least you are safe from serious health risks.

Best Douche for Yeast Infection

Written on May 23, 2013 at 6:28 PM, by Jones

Douching is a washing method that forces water or other fluid mixtures up into the vaginal area. A survey conducted by the University of Rochester Medical Center showed that around 27% of women between 14-55 years of age douche on a regular basis. It is an effective way of keeping the vagina clean and free from infection.

Baking Soda Douche

According to the American Cancer Society, baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, can kill yeast. Dr. Tullio Simoncini, MD is the main proponent of the use of sodium bicarbonate to eliminate yeast cells.

There are pharmacies that offers pre-mixed baking soda douches, but you can create your own if you cannot find something nearby. All you have to do is to mix two tablespoons of baking soda to four cups of heated water. As an alternative, you can fill an empty gelatin capsule with baking soda and insert this makeshift tampon into your vagina. Both of these baking soda douching treatments should be continuously done for two weeks.

Boric Acid Douche

The University of Michigan Health System prescribes the use of boric acid for localized yeast infection. One study has shown that 85% of the women who used boric acid were cured of yeast vaginitis. All of these women on trial have tried other treatments before but were not cured. If you have chosen this method, you should douche yourself twice a day for fourteen days. In some cases, you might feel a slight burning sensation but this is just normal.

In order to douche yourself with boric acid, you should put it in an empty gelatin capsule and only then can you insert it in your vagina. Because doing this improperly can cause it to leak, you may put a pad on your underwear so that it would not stain. When you are douching yourself, make sure that you lift your clitoral hood because yeast infection seems to always stagnate at that area for some reason.

Acidophilus Douche

There was a study by the University of Milan back in 2007 that took a sample of forty women with yeast infection. What they found out was that those who douche with acidophilus mixed in water showed significant improvement from the symptom manifested by candida. Another study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine supported the claim that introduction of acidophilus relieves individuals of complications related to candida.

You can try out the same remedy by combining two teaspoons of acidophilus powder and one liter of water. You can douche yourself with this combination once a day. However, do not forget to stop using this remedy after five days because your vagina might be irritated if your douche too much.

Yoghurt Douche

Yoghurt is a rich source of probiotics other than acidophilus. When making a douche out of this material, you can combine yoghurt with three cups of water and three drops of lavender or tea tree for an added soothing effect. You can apply this mixture once a day for five days.

If you do not want to make a mixture yourself, you can just simply dip a tampon in plain yoghurt and leave it leave it there for three to four hours. This process can be repeated for at least three days.

Take note that using commercially manufactured yoghurt may not be as effective compared to a fresh live culture.

Apple Cider Vinegar Douche

In the wake of 400 BC, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, proposed the healing properties of apple cider. It is alkaline in nature so it can cause the pH level of your vagina to be neutralized. Moreover, it makes some toxic released by yeasts lose its effectiveness. You can make a simple apple cider douche by combining it with one teaspoon of honey in a cup of water.

Betadine Douche

Perhaps the safest way to douche yourself is with a Betadine solution. If it stings as you are applying it to your vaginal area, then it means that it is healing the infection. However, it needs to be applied continuously for a week or two before you can get visible results. Betadine is an antiseptic solution that can clear infection and relieve vaginal itching and irritation.

Tips on Douching

Although there are a lot of available alternative remedies for douching that can cure candida, it is advisable that you use one remedy at a time. If this will be your first time to douche, then I would recommend that you use boric acid or apple cider vinegar. However, if your candida has been recurring for quite some time, then using Provodine or Betadine douche would suit just fine.

Whatever douche you use, you need to make sure that all areas, including the clitoral hood, are cleansed before applying anything to it. You should remember that you should not douche during the time that you are menstruating. When you feel as if your infection is getting worse and you are experiencing pain then stop your douching. This is a cue that you need to get back to your doctor and ask for a more potent medicine.

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